Of Dragons Great and Terrible

On the Road to Danger


Traveling across the Greenfields, south of Baldur’s Gate, our nascent heroes are members of a family-run merchant caravan (though none are members of the family. Hillgar and Sten are hired guards, while Random and Darvin have attached themselves to the group for added protection while crossing the wilds.

As the day is winding down, they spot smoke on the horizon in the direction of Greenest, the town they are heading towards. The four move ahead of the caravan to get a better look, and when they crest the next hill they see that the town is under attack by a large group of human(oids) and a dragon. Several building look to be ablaze.


Sten, filled with anger and the desire for revenge, rushes towards the town. Hillgar follows, intending to provide cover to his tribesman. Random and her companion decide to follow suit. They cover the last mile or so to the town, arriving as the sun is getting ready to set.

Upon closer viewing, they determine the the attackers are a mixture of humans and kobolds, along with some sort of attack lizards. Overhead, a blue dragon menaces the town. Most of the buildings are not aflame, but piles of materials around them have been set alight.

Not far inside the town perimeter, a family of four, pursued by eight kobolds, passes directly in front of Random. She attacks, killing a kobold, and general melee breaks out. The fight is brief, with all the kobolds falling to swords and magic in short order, but not without consequences. Darvin is seriously hurt and all of our heroes are scraped up.


The family says that they are trying to get to the town keep, which is the ultimate destination of all the townsfolk who are trying to escape the bands of raiders attacking their homes. The group decides to make their way towards the keep, to find out more about what is going on and to help the civilians get there safely.



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